1/4" Drive Dial Type Wrench - D1F15H

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Drive Size:
Drive Type:
Fixed Drive
3-15 lb.in.
0.25 lb.in.
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The Dial Type Wrench provides an excellent solution for many applications. The wide range of scales makes selecting the appropriate tool easy. Accurate to 2% of the reading from 20% of full scale to full scale clockwise and counterclockwise, the Dial Type Wrench is the most accurate torque wrench family. The Dial Type Wrench is the only wrench that is not affected by the hand-hold position on the wrench.

Square Drive Size: 1/4"
Length: 9-29/32"
Effective Length: 8"
Width: 2-11/16"
Overall Height: 2-21/64"
(w/light signal option): 2-7/16"
Weight: 1.10 lbs.
(w/plastic case): 1.85 lbs.
(w/light signal option) ADD .15 lbs.
Finish: Nickel / Chrome
Meets or Exceeds the following Specifications:
GGG-W-686C, ANSI B107.14M