1/4" Drive Dial Driver - DS1F0.055N

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Drive Size:
Drive type:
Fixed drive
Primary units:
N m
0.011 - 0.055
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As drivers are more convenient that ratchet wrenches for some applications, torque drivers are more convenient than torque wrenches for some applications. Delicate applications such as fuel injectors and fasteners used in plastics are examples of low-torque applications where tolerance is extremely tight and a torque driver is ideally suited. Also, torque drivers are not hand-hold sensitive.

Square Drive Size: 1/4"
Handle Height: 6-27/64"
Overall Height: 8-7/64"
Width: 2-9/32"
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
(w/plastic case): 1.65 lbs.
Finish: Nickel / Chrome
Meets or Exceeds the following Specifications:
GGG-W-686C, ANSI B107.14M