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Multiplier Driven Dial Indicators are perfect for applications where accuracy is required and a torque multiplier is more convenient than a wrench. The indicator has a male square drive on the bottom that interfaces with the socket or fastener; on the top is a female square that accepts the multiplier. This configuration allows the indicator to display the true torque delivered to the fastener.

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3/4" Drive Dial Type Multiplier Indicator

– Drive Size: 3/4"

– Drive Type: Fixed drive

Combination Dial

    Primary Capacity: 120-600 lb.ft.
    Primary scale increments: 20 lb.ft.
    Secondary Capacity: 160-800 N m
    Secondary scale increments: 20 N m

– Price: $ 1,075.00


Male Square Drive Size: 3/4"
Female Square Drive Size: 3/4"
Length: 10-7/8"
Width: 4-3/8"
*Head Depth: 3-5/8"
*Does not include square drive dimension.
Weight: 5.22 lbs.
(w/cardboard case): 5.90 lbs.
(w/light signal option): ADD .15 lbs.
Finish: Nickel/Chrome
Meets or Exceeds the following Specifications:
GGG-W-686C, ANSI B107.14M
Optional "T" Bar: 81TQP
Length: 66"