Manufacturers of precision torque tools and
testing equipment since 1938.
The following short presentation shows snapshots of a D2F150H as it goes from raw material to finished product.
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Raw materials

All raw materials are domestically procured. Upon delivery, quality control inspects the material to ensure that it is within specification. Much steel is aircraft quality to ensure the highest performance.

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Machined components

Nearly every component in Precision Instruments' wrenches is produced in-house. Production tooling is produced in-house to optimize the manufacturing processes for quality and efficiency.

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Welded plate, head and handle assembly

The core components of the tool are welded together to produce a stable and rigid body. The incredible strength this produces is unmatched in any other material or process.

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Plated head, plate and handle assembly

The plate, torsion bar, and handle assembly are polished off-hand to produce the brilliant finish that is expected of Precision Instruments' tools. Precision operates its own plating facility to maintain control of finish quality.

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Assembled plate assembly

Preliminary assembly brings together the working components of the tool. Components are riveted together and made ready for final assembly.

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Finished product

The plate assembly and final components are assembled into the finished dial-type wrench. The wrench is calibrated, packaged and shipped.