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Thank you for considering Precision Instruments for your next torque product need. Since 1938, Precision Instruments has been a family-run business and one that continually strives to provide the highest quality torque products. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of more assistance.

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Precision Instruments, Inc.

The Finest Torque Products

Incorporated since 1938

Toll-free:(866)T WRENCH

All American made from domestic steel

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In 1938, K.R. Larson founded Precision Instruments, Inc. to manufacture the first dial-type torque wrench. Now 65 years and 65 patents later, Precision Instruments has become a leader in the industry, known for providing the most accurate, dependable and reliable torque wrenches in the world. Precision Instruments provides the tools that industry can trust to perform in demanding environments. Our mission at Precision Instruments is to design, manufacture and produce torque equipment for demanding applications where compliance with torque specifications is absolutely necessary for safety and performance.

Since its incorporation, Precision Instruments has been a family owned and operated business. Precision Instruments' philosophy, of providing quality and service above all else, has been the key to the company's success. Based on that philosophy, the 65-year tradition of producing all products in-house continues today. All of Precision's press work, milling, drilling and turning is done inside our state of the art machine shop. After machining, all polishing, welding, plating, assembly and calibration is conducted on-site at precision. The result is that in every way Precision products are products of Precision employees. From their pride in their work comes the quality only found in products that are handcrafted. The tremendous accuracy, dependability and attractiveness that transcends all product lines is the direct result of products produced with that philosophy.

We understand that for critical applications, "tight enough" simply isn't "good enough." Additionally, "good enough" isn't the same as "correct." Thousands of applications exist where fasteners must have the correct amount of torque applied to truly perform. For those applications, Precision Instruments provides the tools you can trust.

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